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AOF Job & Dansk offers effective courses in Danish for foreign employees in your company. This means that your employees get a language upgrade and this has advantages for your company, but also for the employees personally.

Would you like to improve the language and written skills of your foreign employees in Danish?

AOF Job & Dansk offers language upskilling for companies` foreign employees. Either at our local language centers or at the workplaces.

We offer foreigners Danish lessons, which can improve their opportunities and qualities in the labor market as well as in private life. The foreign employees can both recieve tuition alongside work and within working hours. You can read more about the advantages  a Danish course can have for you and your foreign employees below. 

Why linguistic upgrading of the company`s foreign employees?

Our experience is that a common language in the workplace is of great importance. It strengthens cohesion, job satisfaction, increases the opportunity for competence development/further education and it reduces the number of misunderstandings, mistakes and in worst case accidents.

It is important that the foreign colleagues learn Danish. Misunderstandings can easily arise when different cultures meet in the workplace, and especially when language is also a challenge. So, in addition to the actual Danish tuition of the foreign employees, it is also important that the other colleagues are introduced to how they can help their new foreign colleague at the workplace. 

We offer Danish courses for both private and public institutions with focus on your wishes and needs. We organize the tuition so that it suits your exact needs, regardless of whether it involves intensive one-on-one lessons or teaching in small groups. 

Are you in doubt as whether your foreign employees should have individual or group tuition. You can read more about our teaching methods here


We offer:

  1. Language-screening in preparation to uncover the employees´level and needs
  2. Targeted teaching course, adapted to the individual company and employees
  3. Help and guidance regarding the financing of couses, wage loss allowance and utilization of any competence funds


The language upskilling can take place as:

  1. Group lessons at the company or at one of our language schools
  2. One-on-one tuition
  3. Online tuition
  4. A blended process; a combination of physical attendance and online teaching


We offer workshops with focus on intercultural communication in the workplace and short courses on the good reception of foreign workers

We offer the following workshops of 2.5 hours:

  1. Workshop about Danish workplace culture for the company`s foreign employess; written and unwritten rules
  2. Workshop for employees and management who will receive foreign employees with a focus on intercultural communication
  3. Workshop for future language/culture mentors for foreign employees


Would you like to know more about what our Danish courses entail? You can read more about our Danish courses right here. 


If you want to know more, contact our head of education, Uffe Pedersen:

Tel. direct: 20 96 02 28