What does the Danish educations include?

Danish Education 1, 2 and 3 you will teach you to write, speak, read and understand Danish. You will work with topics that are applicable to your everyday life at work or school.

Danish Education 1, 2 and 3 provides a general and thorough introduction to the Danish language. Each of the three courses comprises six modules with well-defined learning goals. Each module concludes with a test to assess if you are ready for the next module.

The three courses are aimed at various target groups. AOF Job & Dansk will help you enroll on the course that matches your qualifications and your requirements.


General information about the structure of the educations:

  • Before you start, you meet us for an interview and a test, so that we can figure out which Danish education (DU) and which module (M) you belong to. 
  • Danish education 1,2 & 3 consist of six modules each
  • The duration of modules vary from student to student, as progression is based on the students skills.
  • Between modules, there is a small test that you must pass in order to continue to the next module.
  • You have 3 years of referral to free Danish education to finish your course. Most students manage doing so.
  • After module 6 (module 5 at DU3) you can take the Danish Exam as a proof of your language skills. 
  • After module 5 at DU3 you can take the Study Exam (which is required to enter an array of university studies in Denmark)



View target groups for the three courses - shows which level of education suits you best.


If you have any questions, contact us: 

Fyn: +45 76 10 63 70

Sydjylland: +45 76 10 63 50