Would you like a more flexible Danish course?

At AOF Job & Dansk you can participate in class-based tuition and at the same time get supplementary online classes - this applies to Danish education 2 and 3.

Blended is an offer for you who want to receive physical tuition, but at the same time want more flexibility in the teaching process, and thus want to receive a part of the tuition online. 

The blended course may suit you better in relation to your work, or you have a lang way to the nearest language center, or if you are a student. If this is the case, a blended course might be ideal for you. 

What do you get out of online education? 

Our mixed tuition is based on a strong digital learning universe, where online teaching leads to a lot of learning and development. 

The online tuition tasks and various aids strenghtens and trains:

  • Grammar 
  • Your ability to listen and understand Danish
  • Your ability to read Danish (reading comprehension)
  • Your writing skills (everything from SMS to CV-writing)

Through assignments and other aids, you will develop your language skills in writing, listening and text comprehension. 

Are you a student? You can read more about Danish courses for international students her. 


What about feedback and homework?

You will get digital homework, which will be done when you have tim ebetween your online meetings.
In the onlinetuition-classes, which functions as a digital classroom, the homework will be worked with and discussed jointly.

You will receive continuous feedback on oyur tasks so that you can follow your progress. This applies to both the online and the physical part of the Danish education.


The physical part of education

The physical class-based tuition is concentrated around especially oral communication. You will therefore be taught and trained in: 

  • Pronouncation 
  • Vocabulary 
  • To have a conversation 

In addition, there will be group work which helps you strenghten your orality in all the above categories. The purpose of class-based teaching is to train and maintain orality. 

You can read more about the general structure of the Danish education here 


Do you have any questions? 

Contact us:

Fyn: +45 76 10 63 70

Sydjylland: +45 76 10 63 50

You can altså contact a language center near you - you can see our locations here.