AOF Job & Dansk offers effective and individually tailored Danish courses in our language centers, companies, campus and online. See our Danish course offers here or contact a language center near you.

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Danish courses for everybody

At AOF Job & Dansk, you receive Danish tuition that fits your needs, whether focused on specific topics or aiming at specific target groups. Explore our Danish courses or contact a language center near you.

Danish Online

With AOF Job & Dansk you can learn Danish no matter where you are. Need a flexible course that fits within a busy schedule with varying work hours and frequent travelling? AOF Job & Dansk has an online course for you.

Preparatory adult education (FVU)

Preparatory Adult Education (FVU) is an educational offer for you who want to improve your skills in Danish or mathematics. You can both take our FVU educations as an extension of your Danish education, but you can also take the educations if you need to improve your basic skills in Danish and mathematics. The courses are free.

Education for adult dyslexics (OBU)

Are you dyslexic and have difficulty reading, writing and calculating? Do you want to develop and improve your skills? At AOF Job & Dansk, we offer tuition for adult dyslexics in both Danish and mathematics.