Preparatory adult education (FVU)

Preparatory Adult Education (FVU) is an educational offer for you who want to improve your skills in Danish or mathematics. You can both take our FVU educations as an extension of your Danish education, but you can also take the educations if you need to improve your basic skills in Danish and mathematics. The courses are free.

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Danish (FVU)

Do you want to be better at reading, writing and spelling? We can help you along the way. Our preparatory adult education (FVU) gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and become even better at Danish. This course is free.

Mathematics (FVU)

Do you want to be better at calculating and using math in your daily life? We can help you, because we offer preparatory adult education (FVU), which teaches you the basic mathematics. This course is free.

Start (FVU)

Are you bilingual, and do you want to improve and develop your Danish language skills? FVU start is a preparatory adult education (FVU) which is an educational offer for bilingual citizens who need to improve their language and written skills in Danish. This course is free.