Education for adult dyslexics (OBU)

Are you dyslexic and have difficulty reading, writing and calculating? Do you want to develop and improve your skills? At AOF Job & Dansk, we offer tuition for adult dyslexics in both Danish and mathematics.

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Our dyslexia teaching is based on other teaching methods than those you have previously experienced. We are focused on making learning fun.

Our educators are specialists in teaching adult dyslexics. So there is great support and understanding for your dyslexia. All students on our teams are dyslexic, and the teaching takes place in small groups in a safe enviroment.

You will be taught Danish and mathematics, but you will also learn a lot about IT.
You will make acquaintance with programs and apps which become tools that will make your everyday life easier.


The tuition is free.


More information:

Before you start a course with us, you will attend an interview, where we figure out which level your tuition should be at. The interview is held so that you get most out of your time with us.



You can find the locations here:

Onlinebooq - you can register for the course and book an information meeting here