Private Danish tuition at AOF

With private tuition, you will have a “personal trainer” focusing on your specific needs. The tuition´s content and the degree of difficulty of the lessons are being organized based on your language development and individual needs.

We will decide which topics and issues to focus on together to ensure that you reach your personal goals. By continously adapting the Danish lessons to you, we ensure that you get the most out of it.

No matter if you want to improve your Danish language skills in general or if you want to learn about specific work-related topics, we can help you do so. 


The private tuition focus on:

  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening and reading comprehension
  • Gramma

Depending on what you need there will be more focus on one than the other.


Do you have foreign employees, who you would like to give a Danish-language upgrade?
You can read more about our course offers for companies and their employees here.


If you are interested, you can contact us at:

Fyn: +45 76 10 63 70 

Jylland: +45 76 10 63 50